90% of all businesses fail.

We aim to be in the 10%.



Our Philosophy

Everything begins with an idea. None of these ideas amount to anything unless you test them. Entrepreneurship is the hot buzzword of our time, with more founders and investors than ever before. Yet, the success rate of startups remains at 10%. Is there a way to increase this percentage, by testing rapidly and failing fast? The Creative Square Company was founded upon these simple ideals.

What's a start-up generator?

The Creative Square Company is not a typical accelerator or incubator - it is a start-up generator. Conventional incubators offer structured support over several months and often extend their remit through to the launch of a business. We differentiate from other incubators in two main ways. The first distinction is that each project will operate within a micro budget. The second, is that the ideas are secondary - it is the team and the accelerated experimentation process that are paramount to success.


In-House Ideas

Ideas are generated in-house by our small team of entrepreneurs, including the owner himself. From the large pool of wild ideas, we pick only the favourable ones with chances of success to move forward.

Micro-budget: constraint breeds creativity

When individuals have to solve problems with limits in time, money, and personnel, they need to be creative. Creativity and different approaches are precisely what is required to develop new ideas, and solutions to problems, that can then be validated.

Accelerated experimentation process

In business, timing is paramount. Timing of markets and opportunities is largely down to luck for many products and services. Simply put, the more trials you run, or opportunities you explore, the better your chances of “getting lucky”. It’s a numbers game - the chances of an idea being successful increases as more and more experiments are run.

We invest in people.

At the core of any successful business is a driven and passionate individual. We hire self-starting in-house entrepreneurs based on their energy, creativity, and alignment with our open culture. Of course, this does not mean that all ideas will be tested or built - it all depends on feasibility. 


While projects can run its course and be discarded, our ultimate investment is in the skills and lessons each individual has learned for the next business we test. We grapple with how to make choices and balance on the fine line between resilience and accepting failure.  


At any given time, we have several projects in development. Here are a few projects we're working on. 



Clarify Psychometrics

Customised psychometric tests

designed around company culture.



TCS Kids

A holiday camp for budding

entrepreneurs ages 10 - 16. 




A marketplace built around the

specialty diet community.