Get to Know Us

Our Mission

We ensure success by focusing relentlessly on choosing a team of talented, collaborative doers who are passionate about experimenting and building small ideas to test them in the real world. We invest in our entrepreneurs personal growth whilst maintaining a frugal business ethos.

Our Culture

An open and transparent culture is one of the founding principles at The Creative Square Company. It has to be, when the team is assembled from vastly different backgrounds and disciplines, to work on such a range of projects. Our commitment to this openness to discuss failures is what perpetuates our strong team bond. 

Meet The Team

Muwaffaq is the owner and founder of TCS. He's passionate about tech, trading, and obscure sci-fi literature.

Along with running TCS, Muwaffaq is also the chairman of his commodities trading firm, with offices in London, Singapore, and New Jersey. He currently resides in Singapore with his family.


Jermaine is the one who keeps everything in check at TCS, just like how she does it at home with her two precious daughters. 

Armed with a business degree and having worked in the gaming, academic, and tech industries, her experiences make her ready to tackle anything that comes her way. Jermaine also loves taking strolls around the park with her family to clear her mind and energise herself.